Kayak Touring

Of course, not everyone want to Race, Surf, or play rapids. Most members of the club occasionally just want to have a simple paddle somewhere. Every week we do something to accommodate less strenuous activity. On club nights members can paddle up or down the Gloucester Sharpness canal and visit a local hostelry or just enjoy the scenery. During the summer months a group of paddlers enjoy a Tuesday afternoon paddle on the Avon above Tewksbury. This is before or instead of the evening paddle at the clubhouse.

Also, increasingly throughout the year, daytime excursions are organised on any of the local rivers; Severn, Avon or Wye. These enable paddlers to do round trips or just paddle down (or up) a suitable stretch of water. These can also include a gentle introduction to grade 1 or 2 rapids or include the opportunity to play with weirs under supervision. During the cooler months and shorter days these will be day trips on the weekend, but in the summer they tend to happen on a Friday evening after work.

Our annual trips include a weekend traveling down the River Wye giving all members an opportunity to canoe and camp on this outstanding British river. For the past 10 years or more, we have run a combined camping trip to the Gower in south Wales, taking to the sea for longer touring trips – or to try the challenge of surfing. Our touring section also run longer sea trips, taking in the wonderful coast lines that the south UK has to offer – from Dorset to west Wales.

We have a number of members with Open Boats as well as several club boats and this is an aspect we are looking to develop further in the future – so if you are interested in Canoeing, specifically please do get in contact. A few members are now looking for a different challenge and way of exploring the calm rivers on stand up paddle boards. Winter trips tend to be focused on white water paddling for the more experienced paddlers and those who have cold weather gear.