Why Join Gloucester Canoe Club

People join us to become part of a paddling community which they can contribute to, find others to paddle with and develop their skills. Gloucester Canoe Club is keen to grow its paddling community and welcome new members.

What’s Included In Your Membership

Thinking Of Joining, But Unsure?
If you are new to the sport, the club delivers two introductory courses of 4 sessions which cover the basics to get you started. These sessions run on a Tuesday night, one from April the second course in June/July. You can then join other activities and continue to practice and hone what you have learnt. Kayaking is a sport, it does require training, practice and commitment to progress. You will need to have sufficient time to paddle regularly and develop fitness, skills and the knowledge required. If you would like to know more please submit an enquiry form with a little information about your aspirations we will then send you more detailed information about what to expect, kit you will require to purchase and what the club likes of new paddlers.

If you are an experienced paddler looking to join the club, please send us an enquiry email telling us a bit about your kayaking experience and what type of paddling interests you. We can then give you more information about the club and how to join.

Training & Coaching

The club currently offer coaching & support to all levels of paddler across three disciplines. Whilst not Paddle UK official training courses Gloucester Canoe Club strive to assist all members. For more formal courses there are many commercial providers which can be useful to accelerate learning in addition to club support.

Boat Storage
Boat storage is available for active members, this is limited however so we do need to be clear that we do not accept membership purely for the purpose of storing a boat. As a club we need active members, we will prioritise those who are paddling with us regularly and contributing to the running of the club. – Currently there is a waiting list for boat storage.

How Much Do Memberships Cost?

We offer a very reasonable annual membership rate starting from £25. Student & family memberships are also available.