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Get To Know The Talented Individuals Behind Gloucester Canoe Club

Ian Kershaw


I’ve been paddling far too long, equally found doing whitewater Grade 4 in Great Britain and France, surfing the Severn Bore, teaching people to roll in the pool, racing in the regional Hasler races, organising the races at Gloucester and Tewkesbury, completing the Devizes Westminster or just paddling to the Docks for a pint.

Pip Cusack


I joined GCC in August 2020 after realising that lots of paddlers on the canal appeared to know each other, and set about to track down my local club. Fast forward to the present day and I love getting out on a bit of whitewater! I’ve enjoyed two paddling trips to the French Alps, where the company is as good as the paddling.

Claire Murphy


Whilst not necessarily the most skilled paddler, the closer I can get to water the happier I am! My main passions are marathon kayak, SUP and a bit of touring, but am a huge advocate of just giving things a go and enjoying our waterways whether on them or supporting others who are. Our ‘end of paddle’ slices of cake unashamedly rock my boat too!

Steve Rowley

Vice Chair Whitewater

I have been paddling since 2018 after looking for something to do during the winter and got totally hooked on whitewater, so much so that even during the dryer summer months I’m always looking to get on some moving water be it a river, WW course or kayak surfing. I have been lucky enough to paddle all around the UK and have ventured into Europe, GCC has been the catalyst to make this happen through coaching and more so by meeting a great bunch of people to go paddling with.

Martin Pepper

Vice Chair Touring

Hi, I’m Martin Pepper. I’ve been paddling with the club since 2019 as a tourer and am now the vice chair for touring. We have about 40 active paddling tourers in the club with a great variety of paddles and activities to join in throughout the year. A couple of local summer favourites include various sections of the river Wye & Avon, two fantastic waterways practically on our doorstep makes for great day trips with a spot of lunch in the sun. So, look forward to meeting you at some of them soon.

Hywel Moss

Vice Chair Racing

I have had a paddle in my hands on and off since I was a teenager. In my younger days I was very much focussed on whitewater rivers including leading two of white-water trips to the French Alps together with wave ski surfing. Now you will mainly find me in a marathon kayak, not just for racing but also to keep fit and paddling in some of the longer challenge events. I continue to paddle some whitewater rivers and touring which included a 3 day sea kayak trip to Lundy Island in 2023.

Paul Gibson

Club Welfare Officer

Health & Safety Officer

I started paddling in 1996 and luckily met up with a couple of whitewater kayakers who willingly provided coaching. I also took up sea kayaking and open canoeing. About 10 years ago I tired of driving 2 or 3 hours to get to a river and took up marathon paddling as a way of keeping fit. The highlights of my paddling life are: 3 trips to the Alps, canoe-camping in Canada with DofE participants, reaching the dizzy heights of Div 6 (twice) and, probably, best of all, a 17 day expedition sea kayaking in Disko Bay, West Greenland.

Bella Hollingworth

Junior Advocate

Safeguarding Rep

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Sophie Riley

She Paddles Advocate

Affiliation Officer

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Finnley Whitehead



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Mike Taylor



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David Webb

Site Officer

Pool Co-Ordinator

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Jane Willett

Enquiries &

Membership Officer

I’ve been paddling for 35 years being a member of the GCC during that time. It has been great seeing the club evolve especially over the past 5 years having so many new members. I still love getting out on whitewater seeing sights one wouldn’t see ordinary.

Nicolette Sinclair

Social Events


I love being on the water, preferably when the sun is out! I enjoy a chat and a laugh with other members! Some of our social  activities include club meals, BBQ’s and a skittles evening. Look forward to seeing you at some of our future social events!

Ben Glassonbury

Website Designer

Social Media Officer

Pondering whether to join GCC for a few seasons it turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made. Making some great friends coupled with being out on the water, who could ask for more. I also enjoy a prank or two keeping my seniors on their toes, so watch out!