Download the Master Lock Vault app to your smartphone via your app store.
Once your email address is authorised and registered with Master Lock you will receive an email
with access details. You will then see one possibly 2 locks on the app, labelled:

  • HM Exit Lower
  • HM Exit Upper

HM Exit Lower is for the lower bar, and main access, however if you need access to the top bar this
can be requested from
To open the padlock:

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Select ‘locks’ (lower left of the screen)
  • Select the ‘Awake’ tab (top right of screen)
  • Press the button on the lock – it should light up blue
  • The lock should appear on your phone screen
  • On your phone, select the lock and press ‘unlock’
  • The lock should click and the light turn green.
  • Pull the lock open (within 5 seconds of the light going green)
  • Your phone should now show that the lock is ‘unlocked’

To close the lock

  • Push the shackle firmly into the body of the lock
  • The lock will click and the blue light come on briefly
  • Your phone should now show ‘locked’

If the light on the lock shows yellow instead of blue, it is an indication that the battery is low. Please
report this to or via your user group lead.